Intrinsic Guide - 30" x 40"

Product image 1Intrinsic Guide -  30" x 40"
Product image 2Intrinsic Guide -  30" x 40"

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Product description:
Original Painting West Coast Woodland Acrylic on Canvas by Canadian Artist Andrea Mueller 


At 6 months pregnant I walked through the woods holding a large canvas with an easel and a chair strapped to my backpack to paint. Located near Whistler (in a secret spot) this little patch of moss had a beautifully burnt out stump perched right in the middle of it. I had been past this location several times and every time I did it was if it was sparkling with golden rays of sunlight beaming through the tall trees. The underpainting was created on site and the painting was created over many months in various locations including on Whistler Mountain, on the village stroll in Whistler Village and in my personal studio space. I hope the energy and colours help to convey the beauty of the forest that captured my heart.

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