As Fast As It Was Slow – Bald Eagle Original Painting- Acrylic on Canvas 36″ x 36″


Product description:
Original Painting of a Bald Eagle. Acrylic on Canvas by Canadian Artist Andrea Mueller



Product description:
As Fast As It Was Slow – 36″ x 36″ Original Painting Acrylic on Canvas – $2592.00 CAD

This piece is part of a series that is an exploration of change. What are the feelings that are associated with a change that is unexpected or which shifts a persons reality very quickly? The animal/Eagle is positioned in such a way that it retains it’s strength even though it is set in a tail spin of uncertainty. The Eagle represents pride and strength in many cultures and is generally portrayed in an upright or flighted position. By positioning the Eagle in a posture that is falling, the viewer is asked to challenge their ideas of power, strength and vulnerability. Andrea captures the movement of chaos through the use of erratic brush strokes and splatters. She hopes that this piece conveys the sense of uncertainty felt when thrust into a life changing event out of ones immediate control and how you can choose to fall with grace and rise up again.

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Original 36 x36"