My solo exhibit is opening this Saturday at the Crystal Gallery in Whistler.

Love, Lust and Other Decent Stuff will feature over 40 original paintings, renewed objects from the recesses of second-hand stores, hand-woven wall hangings and fluorescent wood installations. I have pumped out over 20 paintings just in the last two months in anticipation of the show.

Looking at the work around me it seems as if someone cut off the top of my head and now I am watching all of the random ideas that constantly whirl around my mind pour out and stretch it self across canvas after canvas. This show will give people a glimpse into my messy artists mind. I’ve been playing with ideas about love vs. lust and  tradition.  I’ve been looking at how people connect with the World around them, with loved ones, with strangers, animals and even inanimate objects.  What goes on behind closed doors? The work I have completed for the show features Minotaur-type creatures with animal heads and human bodies which are the transitional work bridging the gap in subject matter from TVs, hamburgers and discarded condoms to realistic interpretations of wolves and owls. It is playful with a questionable undertone.

Preparing for this exhibit has turned me into an art making machine and I couldn’t be happier.  I have become obsessed  with creating and I hope this spark continues well after the show closes.

Progress is change.