This years State of the Art exhibit in Whistler was bar none the best so far.    With work from so many amazing artists I was able to find something that I missed every time I walked throughthe show (which was at least 7 times if not more). It’s always awesome to see the progession in the work from my local artists buds. The art was awesome, the partying was messy and the skiing and snowbaording was the kicker. I know that most of Whistler is going to be sleeping for the next week (or at least they wish they could). I feel like about $1.27 bucks right now – I am aming to be back at a million by about this time next week.

Thanks to everyone for making the festival amazing especially:

Kevani and Beth at Watermark for organizing all us artists
Jess and Lauren for being a super star marketing team
And of course….
All the artists who helped to beautifi Whistler!

Here’s the link for more: State of the Art 2013 Whistler