I moved to Whistler from Toronto in 2004 and was supposed to stay for only a month. I had just finished studying at OCAD in Toronto and Whistler had always been this amazing oasis to me in the summers. So when a space became available in a friends house in Blueberry I called home and told them I wasn’t coming back.

I am so thankful that I choose to make that move. This town watched me grow up, explore myself and my art and is still watching me grow. It feels like being in a small pond with very supportive goldfish all around. Artists like Chili Thom, Vanessa Stark, Kris Kupskay, Stan Matwaychuk, Lani Imre, Scotty J, Pepe, Doid, Taka, Kate, Arne, Feet, The Bass Coast girls, The Cooney Sisters all influenced me and pushed me to make, to put on art shows and be part of this community. This year a few of these artists walked to the other side and we all felt it pretty hard but every day I can find little things that remind me of their work while I am out and about. There spirit and their work lives on and I am forever thankful that I could share some of their beauty.

A lot of what is hanging on the walls in Whistler homes is a direct reflection of the life style here, the people and the general sense of adventure that emanates from people here. My work has changed and flip flopped as I continue to experiment and there always seems to be a place for it from the Global community that visits who buy even my strangest work. That is motivation to keep on creating and most importantly to keep experimenting.