Recently I came across a paper by Alexander Spirkin and it sparked some new ideas about how to express my thoughts about interconnectivity. These lead to the creation of my latest body of work in which I allow the viewer to  interact with my work through a series of magnets to create their own work of art by combining my paintings into a new piece of work. I think this is a starting point for a new twist on my desire to explore interconnectivity and how everything is related.

“Nothing in the world stands by itself. Every object is a link in an endless chain and is thus connected with all the other links. And this chain of the universe has never been broken; it unites all objects and processes in a single whole and thus has a universal character. We cannot move so much as our little finger without “disturbing” the whole universe. The life of the universe, its history lies in an infinite web of connections.”

-Alexander Spirkin, Dialectical Materialism