Andrea is like a vibrant paint-splattering tornado of creativity!

With a degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, she's a seasoned artist who's been painting the town of Whistler in all the colors of the rainbow for over two decades. But she's not
just a painter; she's a creative event producer and art instructor, sharing her creative wisdom with folks of all ages. From exciting Paint Nights to exclusive private gatherings and artful escapades for kids.

Her artistic journey is like a rollercoaster of colors, mediums and subject matter, with each
series of work taking you on a new and exhilarating ride. She's not afraid to explore the ups and downs of life through her vibrant and dynamic creations. In a world where hustle and bustle can drown out
our connection with Mother Nature, Andrea's work is like a giant neon sign pointing back to our primal need to hug a tree or two! Her art is like a vibrant burst of joy, offering a welcome escape from our busy urban lives and
rekindling our emotional connection with the environment.

Andrea's creative magic isn't limited to her studio; she has sprinkled her artistic magic on corporate clients, including well-known brands like ROXY, the Hoji Ski Series for 4FRNT skis, Corona, Clifbar, the Canadian Soccer Association. She was the 2019 feature artist for Whistler Blackcomb. Her art isn't just confined to canvas; it's out there, living its best life in local shops, restaurants, hotels and her artwork can be found on the Whistler Winter banners for the Municipality of Whistler.

But there's more to this artistic powerhouse! In late 2022, she embarked on an exciting new
adventure by opening her own Gallery, Artisan shop, and creative class workshop space, ART POP, nestled in Creekside Village. You might just catch a glimpse of her in her natural habitat, creating her next masterpiece or inspiring fellow artists.

In a world that sometimes needs a burst of color and creativity, Andrea is the maestro who
orchestrates a symphony of art, making life a little more vivid and a lot more fun!