Love Lust And Other Decent Stuff

This series delves into themes of sex, sexuality, liberation, and equality, exploring the impact of persistent gender stereotypes. Growing up as a kid in the 1980s, I witnessed the persistence of gender stereotypes. Despite advancements in the Gay rights movement, societal attitudes were still evolving.  

Although celebrities' like Madonna and Janet Jackson pushed the envelope by embracing their sexuality in music videos, the media clung to traditional gender norms. A notable gap in perceptions of sexual behavior existed. Girls were princesses, expected to "save themselves" for marriage, tying their value to marital status and child-rearing. Conversely, boys were expected to be tough, suppressing emotions. Celebrating bachelorhood as debonair reinforced these gender expectations.

"Love, Lust and Other Decent Stuff" responds to these societal norms, challenging traditional roles for women and encouraging the reclamation of feminine power and sexual autonomy. Through these themes, the show contributes to a broader conversation about the evolving roles of women in society.