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Join Me For an Upcoming Creative Event! I teach in Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish as well as the Sunshine Coast. Book a private event or join in at ART POP in Creekside for one of our classes. We are currently accepting bookings for Private Paint events for 6 or more people.

Please note that we only do one-off events for kids and do not run kids camps, however, the The Point Artist-Run Centre ( is an amazing centre in Whistler who do run camps. 




    I have been teaching courses for over a decade and have taught thousands (not an exaggeration) of people how to paint, print, sew, sculpt, draw and design. I want to share my knowledge with you because it has been proven that even a single session of creativity brings positive emotional change. I want to give back to my community and share my love of creativity with all of you!   Did you know that the cumulative benefits from regular engagement in the arts includes; 

    • Mindfulness Engagement in the visual arts, especially through creating, provides opportunities to cultivate mindfulness.
    • Stress relief  Hands-on making can be very relaxing and calming.
    • Self-esteem and confidence Art activities enhance social skills. Engaging in a new activity, sharing a personal idea or concept or accomplishing a new task leads to increased self-esteem.
    • Mind Space  Creativity helps us make the mind space to reassess problems in our lives, think creatively and make plans.
    • Connectivity By using our hands and minds to create we Increase connectivity and plasticity in the brain and can even create new neurological connections and pathways.