Theodore-Original Mini Painting 6”x6”

Product image 1Theodore-Original Mini Painting 6”x6”
Product image 2Theodore-Original Mini Painting 6”x6”

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Theodore or Theo as his family calls him,

Enjoys; long walks after dark (less humans around), adventures in the mountains, sunsets and birdseed. 

Dislikes; those pesky blue jays (always bussing his head when he goes for the seeds), the colour orange, black flies and feet.. especially feet. 

This original miniature painting is one of a kind. Hand painted by Andrea Mueller on a wood round, finished with a matte gloss and comes with a hook on the back ready to add to your collection. This little friend is about 3" x 3" making it easy to ship World wide. Mini's make great additions to a gallery wall, are awesome little gifts and fit in even the tiniest of spaces. Especially great for someone that is often on the move, taking your art with you makes any house feel like home. 

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